Haimona's Nostalgic Collection

Haimona's Nostalgic Collection

Gregory Han
Jan 18, 2012

Name: Haimona Ngata
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Size: Home office
Years lived in: 5 years

Haimona's home office is a bit of a Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One one hand, his work area is impeccably orderly, a pristine section of the home where his tech is all at an arm's reach, encompassing him in a nearly 180 degree setup. But on the periphery Haimona lets loose, revealing an affinity for nostalgia: robots, old Apple gear, outdated video equipment, and even alien life forms named Gordon Shumway...

Apartment Therapy Tech Tour Survey:

My style: Clean, uncluttered, nostalgia, a place for everything and everything has a place.

The inspiration for my home office: Just keeping things clean and minimal. Making sure that all wires are kept tidy, making sure that everything is dust free. I guess you could call me a Apple Mac enthusiast. As with all Mac enthusiasts, you can't quite put your finger on what it is that draws you to Apple products; there's some sort of cosmic energy that draws you in. Working in the creative sector, I guess it's that Mac's can understand you a bit better (as cliché' as it sounds), and you in turn can understand them. You know when a crash is about to happen, fans start to go crazy, lights start to flash, when they've just had enough work for the day/week! I have all sorts of older Macs stashed away in storage; hopefully soon I will be able to clear some space to bring them all out.

Being surrounded by inspirational things from the past is a big one as well, be it old cameras, or collections of cheap robots or ALF memorabilia, when you look at them they stir up certain memories and you have a laugh to yourself, get some clarity then get back into work! I like to fix old iPhones and iPods as well, so there's all sorts of stuff stashed away!

Favorite element in your space: My favorite element would have to be my desk. I searched for a long time for a desk that would fit everything, have drawers, but would also look just right. I actually saw this model online then searched for their suppliers in New Zealand. It's a brand from China called ood. They do all sorts of gloss/white-finished furniture. For a time I pondered indulging myself and ordering a MILK Desk from Australia, but couldn't justify the dollar figures versus paying the mortgage for 6 months!

Biggest challenge in designing my space: SPACE! Just trying to fit everything is has been a challenge. Getting the server rack was a blessing, as both my towers fit snugly in under the servers. Even though my office space is super small, everything has a home, there's nothing just stacked in atop something else!

What friends say about my space: They always have a laugh, and want to check their emails on something. Most of my friends work in the creative industry, so the lay out and location of everything is very familiar.

Area where there is room for improvement/future projects: In the near future, I'll probably look at wall mounting my external display, so that I can utilize the space on top of the server rack a bit better.

Proudest DIY (do it yourself) project: Wiring everything and making everything talk to one another took a while, a few long evenings and hair being pulled out, that's for sure!

Biggest indulgence with respect to my space: I'm from the mentality that if you don't have the tools to do the job right, then the job is going to take twice as long to finish. So that means spending a bit more money on getting a machine built that fulfills your every need plus more. More monitor real estate never hurt anyone as well. The more the merrier. All my computers are networked either via Ethernet or wi-fi, and they're all controlled via the Apple Mac Pro by either screen sharing or Teleport, so I can set one machine off rendering, have another transcoding footage, and be editing on another, all while not having to get out of my chair!

Best advice about organizing or incorporating tech into the home: I'm a bit of a cable nerd, so having it all look seamless is a big thing for me. All cables zip tied, tidy and tucked away as best as possible. Throwing a label on the odd cable is good too, just incase you need to sift through the spaghetti junction of cables to find one cable that's acting up! Making sure that everything talks to each other as well. There's nothing worse than a connection error coming up when trying to transfer files, etc.

Home Tech Hardware:

  • 2 X 30" Apple Cinema Displays
  • 2 X 23" Apple Cinema Displays
  • 1 X 8-Core Mac Pro - 9TB internal storage
  • 1 X Quad Core G5 - 3TB internal storage
  • 1 X Apple Xserve G4 - 4TB internal storage
  • 1 X 14 TB Apple Xserve RAID
  • 1 X Gigabit switch
  • 1 X 4TB RAIDON NAS backup drive
  • 1 X 15" MacBook Pro
  • 1 X 13" MacBook Air
  • 1 X Small Wacom Tablet
  • 1 X Moshi USB card reader
  • 1 X Edifier Acoustic speakers
  • 2 X Apple iPads (1st gen and 2nd gen)
  • 1 X iPhone 4S
  • 1 X Canon 5D Mark II
  • 1 X Canon 7D<
  • 1 X Panasonic HMC 150HD video camera
  • 1 X Panasonic HPX 250HD video camera
  • All sorts of lenses, monitors, lights, tripods, accessories etc.
  • 1 X 40" Sony Bravia Flat screen (video output from Mac Pro)

Desk is by a company from China called ood, chair and lamp are from Bo-Concept here in Auckland, small server rack is from Modempak cabinets.

Images: Haimona Ngata

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