Half a Kitchen, And Other Bedrooms I Have Known

Half a Kitchen, And Other Bedrooms I Have Known

Tess Wilson
Mar 7, 2011

It all started so well, with a nice bedroom-&-alcove combination in my parents' 100-year-old house. Since leaving home, however, it seems my bedrooms have gotten smaller and more questionable...

  • There was the studio apartment in Portland with just one little room and two closets, so the whole apartment was the bedroom...and everything else. The saving, genius factor was that this apartment had a Murphy kitchen. That's right: a Murphy kitchen. I hadn't even known it was possible. When I was done cooking on my (tiny) stove and had washed my (three) dishes, I closed the white doors (with their built-in shelves which served as cupboards and pantry) and hid the whole thing away. Amazing! But still...
  • One summer in college I slept in a teeny room: just enough space for a twin size bed, a bedside table, and not much more. It was perfect for a summer free of schoolwork and the art projects that tended to take over every available space. I life-guarded, and swam, and rode bikes, and watched thunderstorms through the window that took up most of the wall.
  • For a year and a half I slept in a closet exactly the same size as a full-size mattress, with clothes and other storage overhead. Dark, claustrophobic, and much too small for two people. Not recommended. Let's move on.
  • In a small town I had a little bedroom on the second floor with windows on three sides. It felt like a tree house. Unfortunately, that bedroom was always a mess, full of all the stuff there wasn't room for in the rest of the little apartment. A desk, an organ, luggage. I regret not fixing it up, because it could have been dreamy. But that was a turbulent year, and unfortunately things were neglected.
  • And now I sleep in a kitchen, or half a kitchen. I think most renters would put their dining table and chairs in this part of the studio apartment, and turn the rest into a living/sleeping space, but this felt like the most serene, tucked-away option. The living space might be in the midst of a screen-printing/laundry/collage hurricane, but my little bedroom (just big enough for a queen-size mattress to be rotated 90-degrees) is always nice & neat & calm. Moving on up!

What "alleged" bedrooms have you known — and perhaps even loved — over the years?

Image: Tess Wilson

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