Spoil Your Pup With Halloween-Themed Dog Toys, All Under $10

updated Sep 17, 2019
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Credit: Chewy.com

Apart from adorable costumes (stick of butter, anyone?), Halloween is not the most dog-friendly holiday. Not only is chocolate poisonous to dogs, but ingredients like sugar and xylitol—and even raisins—are dangerous to them as well. Hard candies and candy wrappers also pose choking hazards. But a new line of candy-themed toys lets dogs safely participate in the Halloween fun.

Available at Chewy.com, the chew toys are stuffed fabric versions of classic Halloween candies, including Dots, Blow Pops, Tootsie Rolls, Tootsie Roll Pops, Junior Mints, Sugar Daddies, Razzles, and Dubble Bubble gum. Each toy comes with a squeaker inside for extra entertainment value. Some also have ropes attached for tug-of-war and fetch—which, after all, is as close as it gets to the dog version of trick-or-treat.

Each toy costs less than $10, a bargain considering the number of adorable photos it will yield. Now you just need to pair it with the right costume. Someone’s pug will make the cutest Tootsie Pop owl.

If you’d like to give your dog more than the illusion of treats at Halloween, there are plenty of festive-looking dog-friendly options. You can bake dog treats in the shape of ghosts, zombies, or bats, or go the chilled route with homemade dog-safe ice cream or frozen yogurt treats

Of course, because there’s nothing we won’t do for our pups, there are even whole lines for pre-made Halloween-themed treats specifically for dogs. Petco’s Bootique offers the Monstrous Beef Bone Dog Chew, sold in a coffin-shaped box, and the creepily named Coroner’s Cuts variety pack. There is even such a thing as a pumpkin spice latte mix for dogs, which is not specifically Halloween-related but does include actual pumpkin and goat’s milk.

Just make sure to keep the human candy out of reach, and your phone at your fingertips to document all the cuteness.