Halloween Folk Art Sculptures by Indigo Twin

Maybe it’s because I celebrate a Halloween birthday or because I cherish the handmade home, but I keep coming back to IndigoTwin’s Etsy site. Their endearing, magical little sculptures come alive to me. Depending on size and intricacy, prices range from $10 to $75. The best part of IndigoTwin’s designs: they personify each sculpture they sell with whimsical, fairy tale-like stories.

Pictured above, from left to right, top to bottom.

1 Pumpkin Head Crow Rider, $75 (11″ tall): “His name is Harry and he’s a happy little guy as long as he’s riding his crow.”
2 Green Creepy Guy, $10 (6″ tall): “His name is Deacon and he’s a creep. He tries to look happy, but he’s really kind of sad.”
3 Small Ghost, $11 (6″ tall): “His name is Tuesday and I think you scared him just as much as he scared you.”
4 Green Ghost, $15 (7″ tall): “Monday is a silly little ghost.”
5 Smiling Cat on Pumpkin, $15 (7″ tall): “This is Midnight, the folk art cat.”

6 Red Guy with Creep Wand, $22 (8.5″ tall)
7 Greed Skeleton, $15 (4″ tall): “This spooky little thing is a part of our ‘Seven Deadly Sins 2010’ Collection.”
8 Dancing Jack O’Lantern, $50 (8″ tall)
9 Colorful Skeleton Trio, $34 (4″ tall): “These sad little skellies…”
10 Halloween Spooky Skeleton Set, $37 (7″ tall)