Halloween Inspired Owl Pellets

Halloween Inspired Owl Pellets

Ben Partridge
Oct 20, 2010

Looking for a candy alternative for trick-or-treaters? Have you considered owl barf? Neither had we, until we came across this Halloween inspired homemade version, featuring tiny skeleton bones embedded inside.

Owl pellets are the regurgitated, undigested leftovers from an owl's meal, typically comprised of animal bones, teeth, fur, feathers, and insect parts.

I have a vivid memory of being shown an owl pellet for the first time during a guided nature walk in grade school, and I was totally captivated by the dissection and sorting of its grisly contents.

Kristin St. Clair was inspired by a similar experience in science lab, and came up with a homemade version made with paper pulp from shredded newspaper and a tiny dismembered plastic skeleton.

Check out her photo tutorial at The Crafts Dept., complete with printable package labels and a handy bone chart to assist kids in reconstructing their skeletons once they've cleaned and collected all the necessary parts.

We love the nerdy creepiness of this craft. Kids can easily help out in constructing the pellets, and even though it's not something an owl actually coughed up, it opens the door for an educational discussion.

(Images: Kristin St. Clair - The Crafts Dept.)

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