Handblown Glass Votives

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Warm colors. Got an email from our friends at Curran showing off their new handblown glass votives and then we got an email from a reader saying they really liked them. So we took a closer look.

Curran is a great online catalog from the Northwest. They only find good things and though they keep their prices down, they don’t do cheap. These votives cost $35 each, but before you freak out, listen to what they are:

  • handblown by a small studio in Seattle
  • three layers of glass
  • 3.75″ tall x 3″ wide
  • over 1lb each
  • 30 different colors
    (Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

    The daunting thing is that they show them in groups of 10, like we were shopping at Ikea. We think two or four of these would be just beautiful around the house. MGR

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