The Pallet Desk Project

A good desk is hard to find. I need space, so no small desk is ever going to suit me. It needs to be thin, so I can reach my arms across it and just the right height to fall asleep if I need. So when I saw this pallet desk project by Donna over at Funky Junk Interiors I just had to share it. Now we can all celebrate in desks! that we make ourselves on the cheap to exactly our requirements. Genius!

Donna made the 12 foot long desk using free pallets from her neighbours yard and pallet storage so the total cost was a staggering $3! for screws. She photographed the whole process from gathering the wood to the final product including the full build and I couldn’t help getting inspired.

1. The final product fits so well in its space. I love the natural texture and colour of the pallets.
2. The pallets were scrubbed down and dried before the were sanded and ready for arranging… that’s it!
3. The base is so simple that even I could manage it and it’s all made using reclaimed wood!

You can see the full project here at funky junk interiors.

(image source: funky junk interiors)