5 Fashionably Portable Accessories to Throw Into Your Carry-all

5 Fashionably Portable Accessories to Throw Into Your Carry-all

Julienne Lin
Oct 2, 2012

Whether it's a protective phone strap or phone-charging purse, I've always had an interest in tech accessories to help streamline my life. I've rounded up a couple of my favorite recent finds that help a myriad of issues, whether to prevent dropping your phone, keep a handy power backup, or always have a way to sync readily available.

Fika iPhone Wristlet: We've all been there during the slow motion moment when either you or a friend accidentally lets your phone slip through your hands. Fika is an iPhone wristlet with a USB connector. This way when you're out and about, you can slip your iPhone around your wrist while walking on the street, or tie it to your bag straps or hang it temporarily on a hook if needed. Part of why I like Fika is because of nice cattle hide it's made of that comes in a fun mint and tangerine. Unlike putting your phone in a pouch, you can still use your phone freely when it's attached to the Fika.

Everpurse: Everpurse is "the purse that magically charges your phone all day." Okay, it's not magic, but it's still really cool. Everpurse is a clutch with a charging pocket inside. It comes with a charging mat that you place the purse on to power up. Then when you're ready to leave the house, your Everpurse will be ready to charge your phone from 0% to 100% about two times during the day. The best part about Everpurse is that you can charge your phone just by dropping it into the pocket. It comes with a docking system that physically connects to the phone so you don't have to reach for a cable.

Pocket Solar Charger: This device is exactly what it's called, a solar powered charger that fits in your pocket. Just leave the charger in the sun and take it with you when you go out. It allows about 6 hours of talk time and 20 hours of music.

Hi-Rise Stand and Storage: If you're like me and struggle with a small desk at work, the hi-rise stand is the perfect solution to elevate your computer (I hate working on a desktop or laptop flat on the desk). You can adjust the height for whatever is most comfortable. There's also a handy storage compartment to help keep your desk uncluttered.

Retractable Cable: Not only is the Macally Dualsync a USB to USB charging and data cable, it also has a retractable cord. How convenient is that? You can charge your phone or music device and use it at ease while it's getting powered up.

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