Handy-Dandy Wall Organizers

Do you ever find yourself standing frozen, holding that one thing you use all the time and thinking, “Now where can I put this that I won’t forget?” Because sometimes life requires that one go-to place for all your little necessities, I’ve put together a roundup of wall organizers that are both useful and easy on the eyes.

A wall organizer makes a great solution as an outbox, a visual reminder of a task that needs doing, or even a hiding place for the random-but-necessary. Because space can sometimes be so limited, try clearing your surfaces for work and living by keeping your small essentials hanging high.

1. Wire Wall Organizer/Hanger by Areaware, via Unica Home
2. Vitra Uten.Silo Wall Organizer, via Moss
3. Magnetic Wall Organizer, via Urban Outfitters
4. Grid Wall Pockets, via Mio Culture
5. Wall Bookshelf, via CB2
6. Bookshelf via Vidame Creation