Handyman Would if He Could, But Can He?

Handyman Would if He Could, But Can He?

Laure Joliet
Aug 22, 2007

Handyman. This flyer posted on my block got me to thinking about Handymen (and women!). I have wistful ideas of what one is and it's basically a tall order that probably no one could fill. Picture a nostalgic image of Fred and Ethel Mertz (Yes they were landlords but still did repairs).

Some things I can fix but plumbing and electicity are out of my league and continuing to turn the faucet tighter and tighter does not seem to be eliminating the drip. I want someone with around the clock availability who is polite, knowledgable, and not outregeously expensive. Is that asking too much?

We technically have one for the building I live in, but I have to call the landlord first and then the he calls the handyman and then 3 or 4 more calls have to happen before anyone shows up. You get the idea. I have fantasies of all the things that would get taken care of if I had a handyman around.

Does anyone out there have a neighborhood handyman they love? That you'd recommend? Anyone have one in Venice?

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