Hang Art At Eye Level: Their Eye Level!

Hang Art At Eye Level: Their Eye Level!

Sarah Rae Smith
Sep 14, 2010

Although it's instinctual to hang artwork at eye level, it can be easy to forget that our little ones don't view things from the same height we do. Even if you think they're not old enough to care, visual stimulation will always catch their eye. Here are a few tips to remember when hanging artwork a little lower than you normally would&hellip

1. Eye Level Doesn't Mean 2' Off The Ground: Eye level can be all sorts of places! Try hanging art up high in a bunk bed area, or across from where they look when laying in bed. How about next to a bean bag on the floor in a reading nook? Place art where they can see it and enjoy it most often, even if that means on the wall under a bunk bed or on the ceiling!

2. Secure It Well - Really Well: It's no secret that most things within a child's grasp will at some point in time become theirs, so make sure you use additional pieces of corner adhesives to help hold things in place. We're especially fond of those tabs that pull and release, allowing us to rearrange... not them!

3. Change It Up: Keeping a frame or two down low is a great way for your children to help rotate their own artwork out. If they're old enough to be trusted with frames, show them how to use one (with plastic, not glass) to put their own schoolwork or drawings inside. If you're worried, try a clothesline style with clips instead of taking the frame route. Peace of mind for everyone!

4. Adjust As They Grow: As your tiny toys become not so tiny, adjust the artwork in height with them. If you're not big into rearranging, try multiple pieces at all different heights so there's always something fun, no matter how old they are or what age company they have over for a play date.

Have you tried hanging artwork a bit lower in your children's spaces? Did you like the results? Did they? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: Our Room: Parker and Landon

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