Hanging Pots for Air Plants

Hanging Pots for Air Plants

Michelle Chin
Aug 19, 2011

Air plants seem both prehistoric and magical to me. They gather their nutrients, not from soil, but from moisture and particles in the air (dust, decaying leaves and insect debris). Since they love bright, filtered light, I've been looking for the perfect hanging "pot" (mostly to keep them out of reach of my naughty cats who like to steal and hide things).


1 Hanging Air Plant Cradle, $36 from Air Plant Supply Co: I love this unique take on a hanging planter. Made of terracotta, but unlike any other terracotta planter you've seen before.
2 Porcelain Sea Life Vase Ornament, $18 from Air Plant Supply Co: Realistic looking shells made of porcelain, they come in 5 different shapes and can hang or sit on a table or counter.
3 Hanging Globe with Tillandsias Kit, $28-$37 from Flora Grubb: This simple, minimalist globe can become eye-catching and complex with the addition of three tillandsia varieties.
4 Air Plant Wall Tile, $40 from Pigeon Toe Ceramics: Solo or as a group, these modular tiles are a wonderful home for nesting a collection of air plants.
5 The Circle Pot, $89 from Potted: Not exclusively a pot for air plants, this post adds a bit of mod whimsy indoors or out.


6 Black Gold Hanging Air Plant Pod, $32 from MudPuppy: We've posted about Mudpuppy and these lovely pods before, but I really love this one in black and had to include it. The pods were created after the artist discovered that standing water will kill tillandsia. What better way to avoid that, then not give the water anywhere to rest?

(Images: as linked above)

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