Happy Monday, AT Nursery Community!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Great News! Our first ever smallest coolest contest has a new deadline, so if you haven’t entered yet, there is still time! The new deadline for submissions to the 2007 Smallest Coolest Contest is midnight(EST) Monday, April 16th.

Is it the pictures that are keeping you from submitting? Jill over on AT:NY wrote a really helpful post on how to take great photos of your home. Our contest partner is Argington (that is Argington’s Delphi changing table and Sahara crib, above), and the prizes are pretty fabu, so don’t be shy, because you have nothing to lose by entering!

Keep tagging your Flickr photos with apartmenttherapynursery so that we can show our community your great designs and ideas. Speaking of community, it is great to see so many registered users on the new comments system! Thanks for all your great tips and comments – we are really enjoying tthis wonderful community that we are all building together, and we hope that you are as well!