8 Unexpected Hardware Store Buys That Belong in Your Bedroom

published Aug 13, 2018
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(Image credit: Ellie Arciaga Lillstrom)

As a child, I loathed weekend excursions to Home Depot with my parents, but as I’ve gotten older, I find the process of picking out my own hardware or digging through the bolt section oddly empowering. The next time a weekend of adulting leads you to your local hardware store, make sure to add these unexpected items to your list to step up your bedroom design.

1. Cotton Twine

Every hanging planter I have in my house I made myself out of cotton twine in about three minutes. What’s nice about a simple cotton twine net to cradle your precious plants is it’s just that—simple. No bulky hemp fringe or bulbous beads to distract from the beauty of the plant itself. Did I mention it takes three minutes? Head over to Inhabitat for an easy step-by-step tutorial.

2. Casters

Some things just make life easier. Casters are one of those things. If you haven’t fantasized about putting every piece of furniture you own on casters, these DIY rolling under-the-bed storage boxes by Curbly may just wet your wheels.

3. Knobs

While replacing existing hardware is one of the easiest ways to customize your bedroom design, the clever gals at A Beautiful Mess have given us another reason to go elbow deep in those hardware store knob bins. These simple knobs-turned-wall-hooks are screwed into the wall via plastic anchors and hanger bolts (two more things to put on your hardware store list).

4. Command Hooks

Seriously, stop what you’re doing and go load up on Command Hooks. The versatility of these things is unparalleled. Use them to display your hats, hang art, or tuck unsightly cords. If you’re looking to put daintier items on display, such as purses or jewelry, you can even upgrade to one of their more attractive options. While command hooks come in a variety of sizes and materials, their damage-free installation remains consistent (renters rejoice).

5. Poultry Netting (a.k.a. Chicken Wire)

If you’ve ever lost an earring to the occasional late night “take off and toss,” chicken wire may be your answer. When affixed to a frame and hung on the wall, this netting of galvanized steel is the perfect place to hang your fragile accessories. Makers Corner has a great tutorial to get you started on your journey to becoming a person whose earring collection is an even number. If your jewelry organization is already on lock, use this framed piece to clip photos to or make a mood board using our next item…

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6. Clothespins

Clothespins come in handy for hanging a variety of things, including, first and foremost… clothes. Run out of “skirt” hangers? Clip slippery items in place on your standard hangers with clothespins. Need to keep your storage boxes organized? Clip on some labels with clothespins. If you’re buying in bulk and you’re on a roll, here’s a whole list of clothespin uses to keep up your momentum.

10 Uses for Clothespins

7. Simple Unfinished Wood Stool

What is it that’s so charming about a basic unfinished stool? Whether it’s stationed in the corner for easy access to the far reaches of your closet, or kept at your bedside for a no-fuss nightstand (like this cutie over at Love on Sunday), it will somehow turn your bedroom into a romantic European retreat that was nonchalantly decorated using items from your nearby art studio (paint splatters encouraged for full effect).

8. Front-Mounted Drawer Pulls

If you need to get a handle on your scarf and/or tie collection, put front mounted drawer pulls on your hardware store list. Simply screw them to the wall, pull your fabric through the loop and tie off (or simply drape), à la Better Homes and Gardens, for easy access.