Harmonize L-Shaped Living/Dining Room?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Q: I’m hoping someone can help me with ideas for harmonizing my L-shaped living/dining room – especially with carpet/curtain/wall color ideas to harmonize my black leather couches and lighter wood furniture. I’m interested in eco-friendly products esp for carpeting and would love suggestions on that. Admittedly I think I have way too much furniture in general and recognize the need to downsize the clutter!

Sent by Sarah

Editor: Sarah- It’s hard to tell without a floorplan, but the furniture arrangement doesn’t seem that functional, at least in terms of the TV placement. Right now, the placement of the couch between the bookcases seems crowded, and the art is rather high (though that might be because of that cute little one on the floor). Some closed storage might be useful for you- if those are Ikea bookcases, you can buy doors that fit which would be a good alternative.

We like the carpet you have in the living room right now, but if you’re looking for a replacement, Flor carpet tiles might meet your needs because they are so customizable. Readers, do you have any recommendations for Sarah and her family?

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