Apparate To This Harry Potter Airbnb and Stay for Only $89 a Night

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If you thought a Harry Potter-inspired Airbnb listing might only exist in the U.K., think again. This Atlanta-based rental is called “Harry Potter Fan’s Magical Wizards’ World,” and if that name doesn’t excite you, we don’t know what will.

While this two-bedroom, one-bathroom condo is suitable for anyone, there’s no doubt that it’s especially targeted toward Potterheads. Once you’re inside, there are wizardly touches every which way. Lush red curtains and whimsical frames on the wall adorn the kitchen; flying book pages act as decor in a bedroom; the living room’s wallpaper evokes images of the halls of Hogwarts. Harry Potter bedsheets and an owl (of course) can be found in a bedroom as well as Harry Potter-esque newspaper clippings as wallpaper. 

If you want to have your Harry Potter Movie Marathon, the rental comes fully stocked with the magical movies. And if you want to binge-read the series (for, what, the millionth time?), they’ve got you covered with all the books, too. And you can do it while wrapped up in a school uniform (-themed Snuggie).

It makes sense that some adults who choose to give their home a Harry Potter theme might rent it out. Diehard Harry Potter fans enjoy a particular aesthetic that put a spark in their wands, and this is it. All in all, the place looks cozy and fun. And to the host: kudos on the aesthetic! You did well…for a muggle. 

An extra few bonuses: it has five-star reviews in every category and it’s only $89 a night. What’s not to love? Check out the full listing here.