9 Things That Will Make Your Home Feel Like Hogwarts

published Nov 14, 2018
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(Image credit: Flamingo Toes)

Did you stand in bookstore lines for the newest releases, dress up in robes for midnight premieres, and take every single House quiz? The Harry Potter series enchanted the world when it first came out, and the phenomenon continues to grow through its amazing fandom. We’ve summoned up the best DIYs to keep the magic going. (Just make sure to invite us to your next Harry Potter movie marathon.)

(Image credit: Sugar Bee Crafts)

The Deathly Hallows mark is so striking that it lends itself to any kind of DIY. I particularly love how Mandy’s string art has the same feel as the Tale of Three Brothers animation from the movie.

(Image credit: Delicious Reads)

Even though this Mirror of Erised won’t show you your heart’s desire, we think this DIY still makes a statement. Kelly set out to create an original Harry Potter DIY and blew us away. Can you believe this started out as a basic IKEA mirror?

(Image credit: Flamingo Toes)

Lest you forget your spells, Flamingo Toes is here to help you keep your incantations straight. The embroidery hoop is also an instant frame, so it’s easy to go from lap to wall when you’re done stitching.

(Image credit: Worthington Ave.)

We joke a lot about our precious plant babies, but really take it to the next level with a DIY plant baby Mandrake. Don’t worry about the blood curdling screams: These faux Mandrakes are more cute than deadly.

(Image credit: The Smmetzler)

One of the most quintessential marks of Hogwarts are the scarves. There are a lot of patterns out there, but Susannah shares her beginner-friendly crochet pattern so you can easily learn a new skill. She also helpfully points out that this specific pattern is a First or Second Years’ and to switch to two, smaller stripes for a 3+ Years’ scarf—just in case you’re going for Harry Potter fan-level accuracy.

(Image credit: Hey Let’s Make Stuff)

We can’t leave non-knitters out of the scarf club though. Cori created an adorable scarf bookmark template for your Cricut or Silhouette machine. Rep your house, or make a complete set with one for each house.

(Image credit: Simple Everyday Mom)

Part of what keeps us coming back time and time again to the series is the wealth of quotes. Lucky for us, talented bloggers like Sam have created beautiful printables to remember them every day. Ten points to whoever can identify the speaker!

(Image credit: Happiness is Homemade)

Where are my athletic Ravenclaws? Gryffindor always seems to get the sportswear, but that’s not a problem if you make your own. Heidi designed these vinyl cut files for you to put on tees, journals, and even onesies. She also has a hilarious “It’s MimOsa Not MimosA!” file on her blog as well.

(Image credit: Making Things is Awesome)

I’ll take one of these in an adult size please. If you think these reversible, hooded blankets by Jenna are the cutest, just wait until you see the back.