Here’s What Would Happen If Harry Potter Characters Lived in Tiny Houses

updated Jan 23, 2020
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We love fantasizing about what our favorite fictional characters’ tiny homes would look like. There’s something deeply satisfying about reducing someone’s life story to a concisely organized little box, especially if those characters connect with us on a deeply nostalgic level. Today we’re looking at the characters in a little-known story called “Harry Potter.” To set the scene: The tiny home trend is sweeping the wizarding world and our beloved Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Luna, and Neville have decided to embrace their independence and trade their dorm rooms for their very own tiny homes.


While many young adults glean some interior decorating wisdom from their childhood homes, Harry would prefer there were no reminders of his stay at 4 Privet Drive anywhere near his new mobile caravan house. Instead, he’s looked to his surrogate father of sorts—groundskeeper Hagrid—for domestic insight. With a rustic old-fashioned fireplace, wood accents, and a stag bust or two, Harry has brought the warmth of Hagrid’s hut to his homey home-away-from-Hogwarts. Harry is a sentimental soul living in tight quarters, so if it doesn’t remind him of family, friends, or Hogwarts, it doesn’t have a place in his home. Welcome items include: treacle tarts, renaissance tapestries, and decorative golden snitches.

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The youngest boy of seven children, Ron has an aversion to hand-me-downs and being second best. His tiny home is all about showing off and expressing his independence, which mostly means proudly displaying as much Chudley Cannons merch as possible. A nod to his adventurous spirit, Ron chose a classic camper van to pack his Quidditch-loving personality into, leaving just enough room to hang some family photos (because no one can take the Weasley out of the Ron). Taking inspiration from his own childhood home, Ron has his very own modern version of his family’s heirloom Weasley clock, which lets him know where his family members are at any given time. On that note, his armoire is full of his mum’s hand-knit Weasley sweaters, so he can throw one on just before she stops by for a visit.

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Hermione is a young woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t have time for much else. Her tiny library, I mean home, contains hundreds of books, a chair on which to sit and read books, and a desk for studying (with books). There may or may not be a bed, an item that falls somewhere below social activism, Crookshanks the cat, and Ron Weasley on her list of priorities.

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Draco has a taste for the finer things, and his tiny home is no exception. Alongside sleek, modern furniture, his two-story Victorian-style tiny home comes complete with its very own access point to the Floo Network (fireplace). His pet of choice is a sleek and slithery ferret, an animal he was once transfigured into for misbehaving and which serves as a constant reminder that he is in control. Cold green and silver accents pledge his Slytherin allegiance and a stoic family portrait adds an undeniable chill to the air.

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One would think a maximalist wouldn’t fare well in a tiny home, but Luna Lovegood is the definition of unconventional. Whacky and whimsical, Luna’s charming tiny cottage is bursting at the seams with personality. Her haphazard approach to design is intuitive and heavily influenced by astronomy. Every inch is dotted with bits and bobbles that lift her up and inspire her to be her best self, which often means sitting on the counter sipping tea without the confinement of proper footwear.

(Image credit: Seaerra Miller)


It’s Neville’s knack for Herbology that influenced his decision to choose a tiny greenhouse as his living quarters. We’ll call Neville’s aesthetic “Herbolow” because his green thumb may just put Justina Blakeney’s to shame. His light-filled space is lined with plants that contain magical properties, honed to perfection and studied in-depth by Neville himself. Personal accents that remind him of his Hogwarts family, like Godric Gryffindor’s sword, are peppered throughout the plant life to add some sentimentality.

Of course, we like to think each of these tiny homes are all situated next to each other on a not-so-tiny tiny home park alongside the tiny homes of all the rest of our favorite Harry Potter characters (and maybe ourselves) and will continue to exist there until the end of time.

What do you think of our stab at these petite pads? Is there anything we missed? Chime in in the comments!