Has MoMA Lost Its Edge??

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Thumbs down. While the new MoMa has been getting rave reviews for it’s architecture as well as it’s art’s displays, in today’s New York Times, NICOLAI OUROUSSOFF rips into the department of architecture and design.

We are sorry to hear it, and now must brave the lines and the admission fees to see if we agree. The prospect, however, is not surprising. During an era when we are enjoying a renaissance of interest in modern architecture and (especially) product design, that MoMA helped to start, the MoMA store and other offerings we have seen have lacked energy and any thought provoking nature. Has retailing killed our perspective on design?

While MoMA may have helped define design as we know it today – particularly as it is now being sold through retailers such as DWR, Unica Home, Moss and countless online vendors, they are clearly not leading the way. And don’t count on the retailers to do it. For all their good intentions and pretentions towards being “museums” themselves, they are merchants at heart. MGR