Has Audible Tech Come Between You and Your Neighbor?

Has Audible Tech Come Between You and Your Neighbor?

Gregory Han
Oct 21, 2010

Prior to moving into our new apartment, we were warned an adjacent building was occupied by a young ruffian who liked to occasionally dial his system up to "11" during the day. But from years living in the city, we knew such is the life of a renter, understanding living in a multi-unit building can mean hearing (or even feeling) the sounds in adjacent units or buildings.

But today we were faced with a perplexing, if not ongoing issue between us and a neighbor. Immediately upon moving in, a note was left on our door by our neighbor below notifying she was being prematurely awoken by my girlfriend's alarm; the iPhone was being left on the floor when we first moved in, as we didn't yet have all our furnishings at the time and the early morning noise was apparently vibrating loudly below. We were so embarrassed by the new neighbors faux pas; we immediately apologized and vowed to fix the situation, now realizing the 1917 building was broadcasting the alarm below.

Fast forward months later this morning and we receive another notice, this time via email, again complaining about the alarm. This time around, the issue wasn't so cut and dry, nor were we so quick to apologize considering we had made a slew of sound proofing/dampening changes to our apartment and our lifestyle in consideration for our noise-sensitive neighbor. FLOR carpet tiles were added throughout, the iPhone now sits ontop of a nearby dresser (and is set at a moderate-low volume), the volume of the television is kept low between all hours (stopped using the Yamaha soundbar speaker)...we even put Soft Paws onto our cats nails.

We think we had been quite reasonable and accommodating at this point, so we politely pointed out the various accommodations made and left it at that (we don't plan to do this...yet), knowing sometimes all you can do is try your best to be considerate, but there are limits one can expect when sharing walls and floors.

Have you experienced similar issues, from either side of the coin, in regards to audible noises from alarms, televisions, stereos or other tech appliances? How did you deal with the situation and was there a resolution?

(Image: Flickr member Cayusa licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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