Has Your Tech Ever Embarassed You?

Has Your Tech Ever Embarassed You?

Taryn Williford
Jan 11, 2010

We got a giggle out of GeekSugar's tale of leaving iTunes playing on a shut-closed laptop. When the machine made it to the office the next morning, her laptop went full blast with the tunes.

Besides being a lesson in properly closing down applications before you close the lid, their story got us thinking about ways our tech backfires and embarrasses us.

We don't mean embarrassing like being the only one on the block without an HDTV (Or like being the kid at school that the BBC convinces to rock a Walkman instead of an iPod for a good story).

We want to know if your home tech has ever malfunctioned or done something unexpected that caught you off-guard and left you red in the face.

Did your computer freeze on a less-than-holy page you probably shouldn't have been surfing? Did you forget to stage the TV on a date and have the Disney Channel pop up? Let us know in the comments?

(Computer image: Flickr user Pacomexico under license from Creative Commons.)

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