Have You Ever Made Your Own Bird Food?

Have You Ever Made Your Own Bird Food?

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 22, 2011

I grew up in a household where we fed the birds. All the birds. Our front yard might as well have been a bird buffet for every bird within 6 counties. I know my parents went through a ton of bird food, and thinking back on it now I realized it might have been cheaper to make their own. Do you know what makes a good mix?

The best mixes for birds are tailored to the birds that come into your yard. That said, birds will come to your yard based on the food available, so a good general rule of thumb is to mix up peanuts, sunflower seeds and cracked corn — most of which can be purchased in bulk at a farm or feed store. A bag of mixed food costs you between $5-$10 for something small, but for just $40 you can feed the birds all winter long by mixing up your own feed!

If you'd like something more specific for the birds in your area, a quick google search should tell you what they eat. Just add in a few of their favorite bits and keep yourself and your holiday guests entertained. Likewise, you can also just put a pan of peanuts in their shells out and see what larger birds run away with them!

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(Image: Flickr member fishhawk and zimpenfish licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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