Have You Ever... Nabbed Clippings Without Permission?

Have You Ever... Nabbed Clippings Without Permission?

Amber Byfield
Mar 12, 2010

Earlier this week, Sarah wrote about being there to catch the clippings from her friend's kitchen garden. There are so many plants that can grow from just a single leaf (ivies, coleus, and succulents come to mind), it's hard to imagine paying for them if clippings are readily available. Which brings us to the potentially unethical question of the day:
Would you take a cutting without permission?

We're not condoning this or admitting to having done it (yet), but a colleague of ours has confessed to hiding a single leaf from one plant in another plant at the nursery, paying for one plant, and rooting the single leaf she nabbed at home. She's a paying customer, in one sense, but she's also secretly smuggling out some goods.

It's just a leaf. So would you do it? Is this a common practice? How about plucking a leaf from a neighbor's plant without their knowledge?

(Image: Flickr member Anika Malone, licensed under Creative Commons.)

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