Hawaii Preparatory Academy’s Zero Plus Energy Lab

This newly built 6,100 square foot research lab in Kamuela, HI will allow students to study, design and evaluate renewable-energy technology. Not only is the facility designed for the study of renewable-energy technologies, it itself is a study in green building. The award-winning facility exceeds Platinum LEED rating, produces all its own energy, harvests rainwater to meet its potable water needs, and provides natural ventilation and views to 100% of occupied spaces.

Designed by Flansburgh Architects, this building was built for the Hawaii Preparatory Academy, an independent coeducational school providing a full range of opportunities for students from kindergarten through grade 12.

Constructed at a price of $650/sf, the new Energy Lab serves as a high school science building that’s dedicated to the study of alternative energy. The building’s configuration is designed to accommodate scientific study both inside and out, linking interior spaces with the surrounding landscape – continuously reminding students of their methods and ultimate goal.

Green features include:

  • All power generated from photovoltaic and windmill sources and uses only eight percent of the energy it produces.

  • Water capture system with filter supplying all of the buildings needed water.

  • Solar thermal panels supply hot water.

  • Natural radiant cooling system as an alternative to conditioning.

  • Polycarbonate skylights, wood screens and interior roller shades work together to induce, reflect and control natural day light.

  • Computerized system with over 250 se

nsors regulates the buildings breathing, cooling/heating, watering and energy generation.

See the complete specs at Flansburgh Architects.