HazelMail.com: Turn Vacation Photos into Postcards

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s something wickedly fun in sending friends completely inappropriate postcards while traveling. You can now skip the tourist trap offerings of inane and tacky photograph postcards for…your own inane and tacky photos converted into personalized real world postcards. So from the comfort of your hotel room, upload that photo you took on the sly while lounging at the French beach of the hairy fella in his banana hammock lounging next to you and send it to your BBF in three easy steps as a real mailed and stamped postcard via HazelMail.com (because seeing it in print is way more effective than just receiving an email attachment), signed, sealed, delivered…

HazelMail.com makes it as easy as three easy steps:

  1. Upload a JPEG or PNG file from your photo library on their website.
  2. Add a message rubbing it in that you’re enjoying a pina colada on the beach while your friend toils away in his/her cubicle.
  3. Pay $1.50 to send off your well wishes and have HazelMail print and mail this photographic keepsake with your personalized image and expect to hear back from recipient in about a week.