HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

VHS and BetaMax for the New Millennium! We had been planning on bringing you a comprehensive look at HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray for a while, just putting it off, well, because we just came up with other more interesting (ok, easier) things to blog about. But alas! Engadget comes to our rescue, with a the most comprehensive primer out there on the differences between the two.

To sum it up, many big companies are hedging their bets and supporting both technologies. In this article about lessons from previous format wars from SCI FI Tech, they suggest refraining from purchasing until the market settles down “in a few months,” yet here we are nearly a year later without many more answers.

Even CNET’s Quick Guide is a year out-of-date, but not much has changed. Hmmmm…we wonder, will the megacorporations ever get their act together? PS3 has Blu-ray, and the porn industry is going for Blu-Ray (that link is just to a Macworld article, nothing more), so those two might be enough to push the wars in one direction, as porn did for VHS. Is that enough to get it to move toward Blu-ray? Not sure yet.

There are a few combo players out there, playing to mixed reviews, like the LG BH100, which retails for $1,199. HD-DVD players are running around $500, and Blu-ray for about $1,000, so neither is something the average consumer is going to run out and by this weekend (not to mention the price of the actual discs).

So basically, it boils down to adopting either is costly, as prices have yet to come down, and the market just waits for someone to finally inch ahead for the average consumer. Hedge your bets with a dual-player if you must, but otherwise, we’ll keep sitting on this trend until something finally makes it accessible to the masses.

Image by Matt Krueger from SCI FI Tech.