HDTV Antennas You Don’t Have to Hide in the Closet

Between Hulu and Netflix, I have little need for cable. I rely on my local HDTV channels for coverage of the Olympics and news via a HDTV antenna I tossed up in the attic because it was so aesthetically unpleasing. Until recently, ugly antennas were the norm. More recently however, manufacturers have taken aesthetics into account, introducing antennas designed for those who care about looks and performance.

For best performance, an antenna should be placed the attic. However, if you live in the city or close enough to the point of broadcasts, many of the antennas listed below should serve you well. Naturally, passive antennas are unpowered, and most of the time will provide less reception range than a powered or amplified antenna, recommended to those who live further away from the point of broadcast.

Our picks for antennas that don’t need to be relegated to the closet:
(Pictured left to right, top row and then bottom row)

3. SDV2710/27 Passive HDTV Antenna by Philips, $19.99

4. The Lacrosse Amplified HDTV Antenna by Antennas Direct, $165.99

6. SDV2740/27 HDTV Antenna by Philips, $49.99

9. SDV3132 – HDTV antenna plate by Philips, $19.99

Also, checkout AVS Forum for their reviews of many antennas on the market today. And, if you do have room in your attic or closet to hide a less than attractive antenna, you can make your own HDTV antenna from screws, coat hangers, and a piece of wood via Make’s How-to.

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