HDTV as Computer Monitor For Our Parents

HDTV as Computer Monitor For Our Parents

Jason Yang
Feb 15, 2012

While it's recently been pointed out that HDTVs aren't ideal computer monitors in general, there are times when the larger screens comes in handy. Check out where we put a big-screen TV in place of a computer monitor and why it works.

Conference Room
When you have more than a couple of people sharing a single screen, thins can get crowded pretty fast. The largest traditional computer monitors (perhaps a 30" LCD) can be very pricey as well. If everyone's sitting a good enough distance away from the screen, they won't even notice the inferior sharpness, and resolution in this case is a bad thing - if the text is too tiny no one can read it! Projectors have long been the domain of the conference room as well as the home theater, and HDTVs with their 1080p resolution make for a great workspace addition.

Parents' Desk
When we bought our parents a brand new 23" computer monitor with 1920x1080 resolution, they immediately hated it and asked us to make things "bigger." With computer monitors coming in higher and higher resolutions (great for work, not so great for older adults with fading eyesight) it was actually hard to find a big monitor with a low resolution. As a compromise, we stuck a 32" 1080p HDTV on their desk and their loving the 192

Digital Picture Frame
Remember when digital picture frames were all the rage several years ago? $100 bucks bought you perhaps a 10" screen which rotated photos off of a memory stick. It's time to step up to the big leagues with the insanely cheap prices of HDTVs. For a couple of hundred dollars you could mount a 32" TV on your wall and hook it up to your computer for a whole lot more than just photos rotating on a crappy quality screen.

Audio/Video Engineer
Whether it's mixing tracks from the band you're recording or editing the next Steven Spielberg's premiere movie, tiny little monitors can easily make way for the big screen. For audio engineers, the resolution isn't as important as seeing the beats while separated from a ton of equipment. For video editors, the output goes to the TV anyway so it's perfect to view on the destination equipment anyway.

Things to Consider Before Using HDTV as a Computer Screen

(Image: David Ngo, Flickr members bORjAmATiC, VividImageInc, flickrsven licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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