Healing Tech: Three Items We Find Mandatory When Ill

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Over the past week and a half we have been extremely ill (pneumonia isn’t all too much fun). We noticed over that time a few tech devices that made us feel much better and ultimately helped us recover. Check below to see our favorite sick time tech.

  1. Humidifier: We suffer from really bad allergies/asthma and this causes us to be susceptible to bronchitis and other nasty respiratory ails. Once the weather turns cold (early as far north as we live), we begin to have more problems breathing and dealing with the super dry air. The humidifier helps keep our lungs and nasal passages moist aiding in our battle to stay health. Obviously the importance we place on humidifiers means we want one to work effectively and keep our house healthy. There are some very pretty humidifiers our there, but we choose one with an auto shut off once a healthy humidity level has been reached. Our only advice is to pick one with a big tank so you do not have to refill it as often.
  2. Air Filter: Indoor air quality is important and can be worse than what is outside. Nasty irritating particulates tend to make us feel awful and keep us from recovering. H.E.P.A. filters work well, but can be very loud and big. We love the pretty Shaper Image ionic ones, but question their efficacy in removing bad air.
  3. Tea Kettle: When we are sick a cup of tea makes us feel much better. Having a speedy tea kettle is an important part of our get well kit. We have a standard tea kettle and an electric one too. If speed is the name of the game, go for electric, but we do love our classic kettle for its looks .

Leave your tips and tech bit suggestions below.

Other germ busting devices:

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