5 Healthy Home Office Habits

5 Healthy Home Office Habits

Jason Yang
Nov 12, 2012

If you find yourself stretching your sore neck and back, rubbing your dry eyes, swallowing a lump of dry nothing, and gasping for clean air, you might be the victim of some bad home office habits. But it's never too late to make a change! Get yourself and your home office act together and stay healthy. We've got 5 helpful tips for a better you at your desk.

Don't Forget To Blink
Blink! Blink! Blink! Many of us dramatically slow down our rate of blinking when we're staring at a glowing computer monitor. Blinking helps to naturally lubricate your eyes, and not doing so makes you dry out and feel uncomfortable. Force yourself to blink frequently as you're working on the screen. You can even get some help blinking if you must!

Drink (Water)
Help your body and stay hydrated. It's even easier when you're working from home, where you can use your favorite glass and always get chilled water instead of a drink from a gross communal water fountain. If you're finding yourself hankering for a drink, it's already been too long. Set "hydration nudges" to remind yourself if you're not getting enough liquids.

Posture & Ergonomics
If you're going to be sitting at your desk for a while, make sure you're comfortably and properly doing so. Find yourself a good ergonomic chair and sit properly at your desk. Keep your wrists and hands comfortable as well with an ergonomic keyboard. Check out this blast from the past of old ergonomic keyboards that we highlighted several years ago.

Clean Air For All
If you're seeing floating dust particles in the glow of your computer monitor, it's time to get yourself an air purifier. If it's stuffy and dry you'll need a humidifier. You can even bring a little green into your office to help with the air quality and make yourself feel better.

Get Up And Walk Around
Don't just sit in your chair all day and walk away with a sore butt. Move your butt and stretch a bit. You can even exercise directly from your chair. Keep your body healthy and your blood flowing to your head for a healthy day at the office. We've got a great set of 10 exercises you can easily do in the office with just a few minutes.

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