Healthy Shelf

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

At first glance, the Healthy Shelf is a bit of a head scratcher in concept, combining the feature of a wall shelf with that of a hidden paper towel/tissue dispenser. The words “ridiculous” and “cockamamie” possibly may have slipped past my lips.

But then I remembered I share a home with an allergen prone girlfriend who is always in dire need of a tissue. And I also live with a cat who occasionally requires a “cleanup in aisle 6” because of his habit of eating too quickly and coughing everything up onto the floor. Then the idea of having a shelf with this hidden option didn’t sound so ridiculous. Now I can imagine one of these installed near our cat litter boxes, keeping cleanup wipes and paper towels out of sight, but within arm’s reach (alongside providing welcomed additional shelf space). Hmmmm…not so ridiculous at all now.