These Heart-Shaped Succulents Grow Flowers in the Fall

updated Jun 1, 2020
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Earlier this year, we wrote about a succulent with one large, heart-shaped leaf. Since then, we’ve learned about yet another kind of heart-shaped succulent, and it’s totally different.

While the Hoya heart is flat and often sold as a single leaf, the Conophytum bilobum, a kind of “living pebble” plant, grows in a cluster of very juicy-looking heart-shapes.

According to World of Succulents, each of these stemless succulents can grow up to three inches tall and a little over one inch wide. 

They’re mostly green, but they can turn red or purple along their top edges. (Many succulents turn red with change in temperature or moisture level, though some, like the Sedeveria pink ruby, have a more dramatic response than others.)

Conophytum bilobum get their name from their two-lobed shape. During the fall, they can flower right in the middle space between their lobes. The flower colors vary: They can be yellow, orange, purple, or even multi-colored, depending on the species.

Like most succulents, they like bright light and dry soil (and they make a good addition to window sill gardens). Be careful not to overwater or they can rot. 

You can find the adorable Conophytum bilobum for sale on or (where it is currently sold out). Many other species of Conophytum are available on Etsy.