Heather Armstrong, Queen of Mommy Bloggers

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Armstrong says she has always known that babies’ tales belong to their parents, then as they grow, ownership shifts. She wishes it were otherwise — the sharing that got her through postpartum depression would sure be helpful when dealing with a moody teenager.

I read this yesterday on my flight back from California with great pleasure and recommend it. A long article, it’s a really well done portrait of Heather, Jon and their crazy family business, capturing both Dooce’s remarkable writing talent, the off-the-hook growth of Dooce.com and what it’s like to be a parent who doesn’t always feel up to the task.

Having met Heather, I can safely say that she’s a truly gifted writer/voice and it’s not surprising that so many people connect with her. What I didn’t know was how fragile she was. The article tells it all.

It also covers the mommy blog landscape, touches in with Ree at Pioneer Woman, and gets down and dirty dishing how much money advertising on their sites “might” generate.

As a parent and a blogger, it’s a must-click for today.

Image: Catherine Ledner for The New York Times