I Just Found My Favorite Colorful Kitchen Staple (It Lasts Forever!)

published Apr 2, 2024
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After living in New York City apartments for the last 16 years, my husband and I recently purchased our very first home. Because we’re now bicoastal, our cozy, little 800-square-foot house is undoubtedly the perfect size. However, a brand-new empty house as small as ours presents two interesting challenges: 1) We have to furnish it entirely from scratch, and 2) Space is still a precious commodity. 

While some might find these challenges intimidating, I find them fun. In fact, I’ve made it a game of sorts. How can I find the most beautiful, yet efficient and space-saving items to furnish and decorate my home? One of the first things I found that met this extremely specific criteria was a gorgeous knife trio from Hedley & Bennett that gives the expression “razor-sharp” a whole new meaning.

Hedley and Bennett is mostly known for its high-quality aprons that come in modern colors and styles, so it’s no surprise that their non-apron items are equally eye-catching and highly practical.

Never before had I laid eyes on standard kitchen knives that are as nice to look at as they are functional. The ergonomic handles are handsome and feature solid brass rivets, which will patina over time. Despite being a neutral girlie at heart, I opted for the Shiso set, and the small pop of green breathes life into my mostly white kitchen. But honestly, it was hard to choose a color. Other options include Capri Blue and Enoki, a very light gray, which are equally lovely. 

The previous owner of our house left a magnetic knife strip on the side of the refrigerator beside the kitchen counter, offering the perfect place to store and display them. Who knew knives could double as decor? All three pieces fit neatly on the magnetic strip, and they’re easy to access without taking up a single inch of counter space. 

Let’s talk a little bit about function too. The Chef’s Knife Set comes with exactly the pieces I need to get all of my day-to-day cooking done: a chef’s knife, a bread knife, and a utility knife. Made from three-layer Japanese steel, these knives are also the sharpest I’ve ever used. Like, seriously sharp. Like, they shredded the kitchen sponge I was using to clean them into tiny little sponge confetti sharp. As a bonus, they’re beveled on both sides, making them perfect for left- and right-handers alike! 

If moving into this small but sweet home has taught me anything, it’s the little things are actually the big things. Perhaps that’s why discovering this stylish knife essentials trio feels like a pretty big win all the way around.

Buy: Chef’s Knife Set, $195 (normally $265)