When You Can't Decide Whether to Stand or Sit

When You Can't Decide Whether to Stand or Sit

Range Govindan
Sep 13, 2011

There are quite a few different options when it comes to a standing desk, from making your own, modifying your existing desk, or if you've got the funds, purchasing one. The ultimate in standing desks are the height-adjustable desks, which allow users to move the surface up or down at the touch of a button, depending on whether you're feeling the desire to work fully on your feet or need a break and want to pull out the ole task chair...

A fair warning though, none of these options are cheap but they give you the option of quickly varying your position, which is something that is very handy when you spend a lot of time working at a computer. This could be problematic if you have a standing desk that doesn't adjust.

1. GeekDesk $749
By far, the GeekDesk is the cheapest automatic height-adjustable standing desk that we've come across. It might not look as sumptuous as some of the other desks, but it's a lot less expensive. There are different sizes available as well. They go up to $979.

2. Steelcase Airtouch $1,499
The Airtouch is definitely a beautiful, minimal desk. It looks quite classy, so it will fit in a variety of different decors. The single table leg allows you to prop the desk up and down. This desk doesn't use power to adjust its height, so it doesn't need to be plugged in. This cuts down on wires.

3. Humanscale Float $1,200
This desk is a bit more minimal than the GeekDesk, but it's more expensive. We like how the whole desk comes in one color. It makes it stark and unique. It also doesn't need any power to adjust its height, which is impressive. This desk is supposed to be released in November 2011. The list price is $1,999, but we've seen one retailer selling it for $1,200.

4. Haworth Planes $1,549 This desk comes in a variety of different models, including one that's electric and another that has a torsion paddle with a hand crank. This means that there are some models that don't need to be plugged in, but ultimately it's convenient to have the version that goes up and down automatically, without much fussing about. You can set up some presets, if there are many people using this desk, so that the desired height can be attained quickly. Some versions of this desk cost as low as $938 while others cost a bit more than $1,600. It's all down to how you want yours to be customized.

5. Giraffe Desk $880
The Giraffe Desk isn't a height-adjustable desk, it's a clear acrylic tabletop that rests upon your usual desk. However, it looks stunning and it's multi-functional, allowing you to quickly turn any workstation into a standing desk. Looks don't come cheap, as the base price for this desk is $880. It would be possible to hack something like this, but it would involve getting precut sheets of PLEXIGLASS or acrylic and assembling them.

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