Help for a Houseful of Terrible Tile?

Help for a Houseful of Terrible Tile?

Tess Wilson
Aug 21, 2015

Q: Hi! First I would like to thank you for all the great ideas you always post. Now, I'm wondering if you guys could give a hand or some ideas to handle the following issue. Recently I moved to a new house in Spain, and it turns to have this disastrous tiling which I'm trying not to hate because I can't afford to change it. You are the masters in making miracles and in giving things a 180-degree turn and a totally new look, and I think this tile could have potential- it's just that I can't find it...

As you can see in the pictures, the tiles are all over the whole place. I'm planning to renovate some furniture (beginning with the one in the third picture) that came with the apartment, but the color of the floor and the decorations in it distract my attention too much and I'm not sure what colors I should use. I hope you can give me a hand with this. (Sorry for my poor English, I'm from Venezuela and recently started practicing my English again). Looking forward to your response. -Sent by Daniela

Editor: We get a lot of "What should I do about this entire home's worth of terrible tile/linoleum, but I picked Daniela's because a) she has the busiest tile pattern, b) she sent the clearest photos, and c) PUPPIES! What in the world can someone do if they hate every floor in their home? How do they design around it? While we often provide solutions/suggestions for one room's worth of hated carpet/tile/linoleum, you can't cover a whole house in jute rugs.

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