Help Me With My Inherited Chair?

Help Me With My Inherited Chair?

Gregory Han
Nov 30, 2009

Q: HELP!! I inherited this really special chair and I have no clue about vintage furniture. There are no markings that I can find on it (at least not at first glance). I think it's Naugahyde but again I'm pretty new to this world and don't know how to identify it. I think it would be considered mid-century modern but I'm not sure, how do I tell?

I'm wondering if you or your readers could help me identify this piece so I can get a fair estimate of its worth and find a repair shop. And does a small cut that is going to be mended depreciate the value of something like this. I'd never sell it but I'd like to know? How does all that stuff work? Any help or advice would be so appreciated this was owned by my dear, dear friend who passed away after a long battle with leukemia.

Unfortunately a very small cut was the result of delivery men who were told to stop because they were going to hit the chair but decided to keep going anyway. After much arguing I got the guys to sign off that they damaged it and they'd pay for the repair. Now I'm having major trouble finding any place that specifically deals with these kinds of pieces. I've hunted online and asked friends for recommendations but no luck. I thought of your site and am hoping your readers can point me in the right direction.

Sent by Rebecka

Editor - Looks like Rebecka needs some help from the Apartment Therapy readership. Please chime in if you have local vintage furniture restoration recommendations. Our personal recommendation is to contact the folks over at Angels and Madmen on Melrose Ave, as they specialize in upholstery repair. Any others?

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