Help! Mice in the Ceiling of Our Condo

Help! Mice in the Ceiling of Our Condo

Regina Yunghans
Apr 29, 2014
(Image credit: Jeannie)

Q: For the past year, we've heard mice in our ceiling. We're on the third floor of a 3-story condo, and they wake us up every few weeks with their scratching. We've never seen evidence of mice in our apartment, thank god, but their incessant scratching makes us nervous since they seem to scratch around our bedroom light fixture (fire hazard?) and keep us up at night. When we hear them, we knock on our ceiling until they stop making noise, and last night my husband tapped the ceiling so hard that he poked a tiny hole! We taped up the hole and stuffed in a cotton ball dipped in peppermint oil as a temporary measure, but we're unsure what to do at this point:

(Image credit: Jeannie)

There's no real attic access and my husband thinks we should poke a larger hole, wear a respirator and insert traps, screwing on a piece of thin MDF as a "door" that we can use to check the traps every few days. Once the mice are gone (knock on wood), we can then fix the hole in the ceiling properly.

I should mention that the condo downstairs is vacant and a bit of a mess, since it's in probate due to a death and the closest relatives are in another country. There is evidence of mice in that suite. Our building is small and self-managed and our neighbours know of the issue, but none of them hear the mice (most of them have cats or dogs, we don't).

We need a solution and I don't know if calling in an exterminator will help. Thoughts? Help?! We're going a little crazy!

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