Help! My Permanent No-Drainage Pot Breeds Mosquitoes!

Help! My Permanent No-Drainage Pot Breeds Mosquitoes!

Cambria Bold
Jun 16, 2011

Q: Seeing your recent article on rain gardens inspired me – I've got a similar problem on a smaller scale. I live in a lovely rented cottage in Sydney, Australia, but there's one thing that I see every day that really frustrates me. Previous tenants, or perhaps the landlord, have cemented a big ugly concrete pot to the front steps. The pot has no drainage at all and when the rain comes it inevitably fills up and then becomes a lovely breeding ground for wriggly mosquito larvae.

What's a good, cheap way to fix this? I've considered planting it up with some good soil and succulents...

... but then realised that when the rain comes they'll get drowned and probably rot. I'm also a notorious black thumb so if I did go with plants, I'd need something that's impossible to kill.

Asked by Ally

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