Help Power Your Home with a Really Chic Patio Table

Help Power Your Home with a Really Chic Patio Table

Taryn Williford
Jan 7, 2009

If there's a lack of solar powered homes out there in the world, it's not for a lack of desire. We took an informal survey (of eight friends at the bar the other night) about if you would install solar panels to power your house if they were more readily available and less expensive. Seven said yes, and one said 'Move! I'm watching the #*%&@$ game!' But until Ikea comes through on their concept of Sollärppän solar panels, we'll just have to dream about it. But its good to know that by the time we can afford an overhaul of our home energy system, this stellar solar panel patio table might be on the market...

The surface of the table, called "Violent Sun" by the designer, Afroditi Krassa, is covered in highly efficient photovoltaic cells that collect solar energy all year and then feed your home with clean electrical energy.

Although just a concept, if this outdoor table ever saw the light of day (ha! pun!), you could be sure it was easy to install into any garden or outdoor space.

The table is the first object in a new range of efficient outdoor structures, which is also to include a bench, light and flag pole.

The best thing about this solar panel table is that it doesn't look like a big, industrial electrical thing. The design was inspired by Classic architecture and specifically Doric Order Greek columns. The base is made out of a solid, carved, black Terrazo piece. The top is covered in those magical Polycrystaline PV cells in a way that creates a modern pattern for some unique contrast.

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