Help! My Inkjet Printer Colors Are Way Off!

Help! My Inkjet Printer Colors Are Way Off!

Taryn Williford
Feb 22, 2011

022211_tf_colorbasechart.jpgFinally getting around to covering those hallway walls with framed family photos? Good for you! But we feel like we should warn you that your motivation will be squashed when you see that your sister's wedding dress is coming out with a lovely lemon yellow shade when you print your pictures. Here's one reason that might be happening.


It could be your printer ink!

Buying those tiny printer ink cartridges can be a money suck, even if you stock up on 'em like our post,4 Tech Backups to Buy (And How to do it Cheaply!), suggested.

So when you find yourself in the aisles of Best Buy with your specified HP 93 Tri-Color cartridge in one hand and an off-brand version for a few bucks cheaper in the other, it can definitely be tempting to go generic.

But here's a little something we learned through Lifehacker: Your printer is calibrated with a certain ICC color profile, and bringing a new brand of ink cartridge into the mix can shift the whole system around, leaving you with less-than-lovely prints.

(The same goes for those advertised refill deals. If Costco is refilling your ink for you, it's probably coming from an off-brand ink well.)

If you want to spend the time and money learning how to re-calibrate your printer, go for the cheapo ink. If not, it's best to stick to the ink that's packaged from your printer people.

(Image: Flickr member Matthew Stones licensed for use under Creative Commons)

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