Help! This Cute Bird is Eating My House

Help! This Cute Bird is Eating My House

Sarah Rae Smith
Apr 14, 2011

Aw, look at the cute little birdy! Wait, why is there a bird on Apartment Therapy? What? It's eating your house? Well run outside and wave your arms around or something — Help! The birds are eating our house! What should we do?

Remember last Fall when I mentioned the gross amounts of Hackberry bugs we had invading our home? Well apparently after they take cover in the glazing on your windows, Spring rolls around and the birds make an appearance at the extra large bug buffet.

After much Googling, we've read everything from fake owls, other birds, snakes and shiny things should be attached to our home to scare them off. Now, as appealing as that sounds, I have a hard time hanging large rubber snakes from all my windows. The idea of propping up pinwheels is slightly more appealing, but still — is there a way to make the woodpeckers and other wildlife that are after these bugs disappear?

Although it sounds like a silly concern, they've already pecked enough of the glazing out to have one entire pane of our window fall out to the ground below (unbroken thankfully). So we're looking for quick options that might help out us and other homeowners with the same problem!

Images: Sarah Rae Trover

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