Helpful Kids' Movie Ratings: Kids In Mind

Helpful Kids' Movie Ratings: Kids In Mind

Beth Callaghan
Sep 22, 2010

With all the movies for kids coming out these days, we're always looking for more information about the suitability of particular films for our kids. Recommendations from friends are nice, but sometimes we don't see eye to eye. Enter Kids In Mind, a website that gives detailed, objective observations about the content of a plethora of films.

The site's ratings are based on relatively objective observations about the number of instances and contexts of questionable content. As the site explains, "we assign each film three distinct, category-specific ratings: one for SEX & NUDITY, one for VIOLENCE & GORE and one for PROFANITY. Each rating is on a scale of zero to ten, depending on quantity (more F-words, for instance, will mean a higher Profanity rating, and so on) as well as context (especially when it comes to the categories of sex, nudity, violence and gore, since they are not as easily quantifiable as profanity)."

In addition, they provide detailed descriptions of each instance. From Toy Story 3, for example, they note these examples of profanity from the film: "Exclamations (heck, darn), name-calling (idiot, junk, over the hill, crazy, pea brain, landfill, furry air freshener, drooling, doofus, moron, Potsie, imposter, astro-nut, liar, bully, imbecile), toys tease a male doll about being a 'girl's toy.'" Also included are instances of substance abuse, discussion topics, and a summary of the film's "message."

The thoroughness of the ratings allows parents to determine whether a film is appropriate based on their own values and standards. For older kids, the site does rate all kinds of films, including those intended for more mature audiences.

Kids In Mind

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