Here Are 10 Things You Could Get Rid of Today (and Never Miss)

published Sep 11, 2015
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After a while, you get so accustomed to seeing the things in your home that you tend to gloss over cluttered spaces because they seem normal. So we’re getting really, really specific. Are you guilty of storing any of these things that you don’t want or need?

1. The stack of paper bags on top of your refrigerator.

The groceries are long gone; their day is done.

2. Sheet sets for sizes of mattress that you don’t even own anymore.

Is your linen closet keeping up with your furniture?

3. Any bottle in your bathroom that contains a product that didn’t work for you.

Why are you still storing that frizz-inducing shampoo?

(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

4. Those couple of bowls or cups in your kitchen with tiny chips in the rim.

It’s not “still good” if you have to carefully decide where to place your mouth in order to prevent lip bleeding.

5. Shoes you bought on sale that pinch your toes.

Sunk cost fallacy is so real.

6. The attachments for a vacuum you got rid of years ago.

Especially since DIY hack-tachments are so easy and effective to use.

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7. The glass vase that your latest flower arrangement was delivered in.

How many of those have you racked up by now?

8. That book you couldn’t finish and that other book that you loved and devoured.

Pass it on to a friend and then discuss! Call it the Borrower’s Book Club.

9. Your second-string black sweater.

You always wear your favorite one anyway.

10. The tent and camping stove you used once, three years ago.

You can extend this to any aspirational sporting equipment that only gets action as a dust collector.

Any of these strike a chord? Remember, you don’t have to feel bad about wasting perfectly functional items if you donate them to people or organizations who really need them! Win win!

Apartment Therapy Tip: If these specific examples don’t apply to you, try thinking about decluttering by broader category:

  • Multiples
  • Clothes or products just that don’t work for you
  • Equipment or accessories for activities you no longer do
  • Damaged things

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