Here Comes the Rain Again: Termites & Leaks!

Here Comes the Rain Again: Termites & Leaks!

Gregory Han
Oct 16, 2009

As much as we welcomed the first fall rainfall here in Los Angeles, we knew it was also going to possibly bring a whole lot of hurt along with it: flash floods, mud slides, roof leaks and a mess of drama in a region where precipitation is a rare seasonal occasion. But we didn't consider the heavy rain would bring out these lil' buggers into our home: termites.

It sure ain't the ant farm from Mad Men, but it's quite a teeming collection I've got there.

Los Angeles isn't always known for termite problems like other parts of the United States, but living in a 1917-built building, we weren't completely surprised to find these winged termites swarming inside our home early last night. Though harmless and very easy to capture, we knew finding them inside, rather than just outside, indicated a good chance there's an interior infestation.

Workmen dropped in early this morning to inspect the damage and also check out that beauty up above. There's also a leak seeping in from the roof, so alongside termites, the rainfall was responsible for damaging the ceiling. The peeling paint may also be indication of termite infestation up above, as walls where paint cracks and peels or the wallpaper won't stick can be indication of their presence.

Bothersome, but as renters, there's not much more to do than have it repaired or move (and in this economy, moving isn't so much an option). DIY termite control isn't usually too effective, but we're interested in mention of a non-chemical solutions offered by a local Los Angeles pest control company which relies upon a hand-held device that emits 90,000 volts of electricity in order to treat Drywood termites. The termites then conduct the current because their bodies are 90% water. Wood, however, is not a good conductor of electricity. The electric current seeks the path of least resistance therefore it enters the termite tunnels and shocks them. Anyone use ECOLA Termite & Pest Management?

Here are some resources for inspection for termite infestation that may help you in determining whether to call a pest control service or your landlord:

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