Here’s How I Use The Secret to Decorate My Home

updated May 4, 2019
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Whatever you think of the manufactured mysticism of the book and movie franchise The Secret, the power of positive thinking has always served me well at home. Here’s what I do that you can do, too.

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As I understand it, the main point of The Secret is the law of attraction: whatever energy you put out into the world, you will receive the same positivity or negativity in return. (there’s probably more to it than that, but let’s just simplify). So what does that mean for my decor?

When I see something I love for my home, I buy it and trust that the details will sort themselves out later.

Here’s an example: several years ago (probably around the time The Secret came out) I was living in LA and looking for a new apartment and I happened upon a beautiful, vintage glass chandelier in a thrift store. It was on the pricy side but I really, really loved it. I didn’t know where I’d be living in a month, much less if I’d have a place to hang a large chandelier, but I bought it anyway. Turns out, my new apartment really didn’t have the height for such a thing (gasp, I know! Apparently The Secret takes time) but my next place did, and it was exactly the fantastic statement I’d been hoping for while standing in that store a year earlier. Worth the wait.

There was a time when I would stop myself from snapping up something I really wanted because I didn’t have the exact perfect place to put it or because it didn’t match my other decor. Now, I trust that if I keep filling my space with things I’m drawn to (and stop overthinking it) it will all work out. Things will seamlessly fall into place.

Thanks, universe. I owe you one.