Here’s Where Your Money Goes in the Summer (And How to Keep Seasonal Spending from Breaking the Bank)

updated Jul 16, 2020
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A poll run by eZonomics, a site funded by ING’s research department, found that summer was the season when people said they spend the most money. And we’re not shocked, to be honest. There are some big costs that really only spring up in the summer months. Here’s how to keep them under control.

Summer Vacations

Summer is synonymous with travel. School’s out, work is a little more relaxed, and the weather is amazing everywhere. You don’t have to skip the summer vacay to save, you just have to get smart.

How to vacation on a budget:

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Eating Out

It’s not summer for me until I’ve sat on a streetside patio sipping on a cold beer. Al fresco dining is a great way to welcome summer in, but don’t keep it up weekend after weekend. Find some clever ways to want to eat at home more.

Tips for eating out less in the summer:

Air Conditioning

The other rite of passage for the summer months is that first utility bill you get after cranking the air conditioner 24-7. Knock it off (or at least nudge the thermostat up a little bit) and find some other ways to cool down.

How to save on summer air conditioning bills:

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Weekend Activities

When the sun is out, so are you. Taking in fun leisure activities that, yeah, usually cost some money. Not to mention that kids are home this time of year and somebody’s got to find something for them to do. So arm yourself with an aresenal of free and cheap ways to enjoy the weather.

Ideas for cheap and fun activities to do in the summer:

What do you spend more money on in the summer? What strategies do you use to keep your summer budget under control?