Herman Miller Sound Management

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When we think of Herman Miller, we think of iconic modern office furniture. But Herman Miller’s focus on office environments, whether for the home or a business, doesn’t just stop at stylish chairs or desks. The Be Collection is a catalog of items like desk climate controllers and desk organization solutions. The most interesting of devices is the Babble Voice Privacy System

The Babble provides privacy by electronically recording your voice from a center unit, multiplies and scrambles it, then projects this scrambled sound from two speakers on your desk, providing a 180-degree wall of sound. The Babble is about the size of a tape dispenser and works in conjunction with Hang RoomTune RoomTune acoustical panels that double up as marker boards or tackboards:

The RoomTune portfolio of wall-hung acoustical surfaces helps absorb excess sound energy in a space by reducing reverberation; just place these sophisticated panels strategically to improve a room’s acoustical performance for greater personal comfort.

Multi-use. RoomTune’s patent-pending frame design turns tackboards and marker boards into sophisticated panels that absorb excess sound energy; for private offices, conference rooms, enclosed meeting spaces, and classrooms. Fabric choices. Choose from standard fabrics, Customer’s Own Material (COM), or digital printing of artwork.