Your Dog Needs This Viral In-Shower Scalp Massager Just as Much as You Do

published Jan 24, 2022
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Bath time is totally easy for some pups and a total nightmare for others. Maybe it’s fun for them and a mess for you, or miserable for them and something you dread to make them do. Regardless, speeding up the bath time process is beneficial in a lot of cases and this little tool helps it happen. The Pet Bath and Massage Brush by Hertzko has over 1,000 rave reviews on Amazon from owners of super-shedders and fussy bathers — even pet parents with arthritis themselves. The best news? It’s 40 percent off right now on Amazon.

The Hertzko Pet Brush, much like the viral in-shower scalp massager for humans, lathers products quickly, stimulates the skin, and releases trapped hair fallout. Ideal for shedding pets and those with thick hairs or dense coats, this pet brush releases shedding hair that even a dry brush can’t pick up. It also breaks up the build-up of skin cells and grime that can settle in the fur and on the skin, resulting in a thorough clean and a much more comfortable drying process (and a much happier post-bath pup in general).

This bath brush is also a grooming hero, loosening and releasing knots and matted fur (especially with the help of a good detangling shampoo) while also massaging any sore or irritated skin. One reviewer loves the design of the brush, raving that because “each of the brush tips has four rounded nibs that help the brushing and cleaning process,” their dog really enjoys it as well. It helps that “this brush is significantly heavier and larger than others [they’ve] tried,” making it easier to hold on to and handle while massaging.

Easy to hold, comfortable to use, and the pets are fans. What else could you want? Oh yeah — maybe 40 percent off, which is on now on Amazon and won’t last long.