Hey, Even Vibrators Need To Be Recycled!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

“It’s the world’s first sex toy recycling scheme!” We all know that we should be recycling our electronics instead of just throwing them in the trash. But this is potentially embarrassing territory, and we’re guessing the average person isn’t going to be dropping off their used sex toy at their local e-waste collection site. (“Here’s an old computer, a CD player, and a cell phone. Oh yeah, and my vibrator.”) So, in an effort to keep these devices out of landfills, UK retailer LoveHoney has started a collection program, wherein consumers can (privately!) send in their outdated and overused vibrators to be recycled.

How did this come about? Well, back in 2007 the EU started requiring that waste electrical equipment be disposed of properly. So, LoveHoney launched Rabbit Amnesty, its own program for recycling its popular Rabbit vibrators. Second-hand toys are then delivered to a designated collection facility, where they try to recycle as much of the components are possible. (Recycle, not reuse.) LoveHoney also donates £1 to The World Land Trust for each Rabbit that gets sent back.

The Rabbit Amnesty Pledge is as follows:

  • I pledge to recycle my tired old rabbit vibrator with the LoveHoney Rabbit Amnesty.
  • I pledge to dispose of my electrical equipment properly at an electrical waste collection centre.
  • I pledge to tell my friends about the importance of the disposing of electrical waste, including vibrators, properly.
  • I pledge to take good care of my Rabbit Amnesty Rabbit Vibrator and clean it hygienically after every use.
  • I pledge not to leave the batteries in my Rabbit Amnesty Rabbit Vibrator when it is not in use.
  • I pledge not to chuck my used electrical equipment, including sex toys, in the bin!

Check it out here. Comment away…